Renew a License

Renew a License

Online Services & Quick Pay are temporarily down

Please use our Credit Card Payment Form to make payments.  There is a secured fax line located at the top of the form.  

Payments for License Renewal

For your convenience, DPOR offers the following secure, online payment options.

QUICK PAY - Currently unavailable.
Try our Credit Card Payment Form

ONLINE SERVICES - Currently unavailable.
Try our Credit Card Payment Form

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  • Renew a license
  • No account required

View Quick Pay Guide and FAQs (pdf) 

  • Renew a license
  • Make address change
  • Reinstate an expired license
  • Apply for a new license
  • Transfer or inactivate a real estate license
  • Access multiple licenses under different boards
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If you hold multiple licenses issued by different DPOR boards (e.g., cosmetologist and real estate salesperson), you must log into Online Services to access all credentials at once.