Professional Engineer Exam

Professional Engineer Exam

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NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering (FE)

NCEES Principles & Practice (PE)
NCEES PE Structural-Vertical Forces (8 hours)
NCEES PE Structural-Lateral Forces (8 hours)

Exam Vendor  



Frequency and Dates of Exam 

Year-round testing, described here.

Information about dates here.            April 21, 2022
October 20, 2022 

Deadline for Application and Fee  

Register directly with NCEES and pay testing fees directly to NCEES.
Apply to Board for EIT designation only AFTER passing the exam. 

  • December 13, 2021 (for April 2022 exam)
  • June 13, 2022 (for October 2022 exam) 
 First-time applicants must submit an application and application fees to Board BEFORE registering with NCEES. 

NCEES Registration Policies and Deadlines 

Information about NCEES registration and fee policies is available here.

NCEES Registration OPENS at 10 AM on:
  • December 13, 2021 (for April 2022 exam) 
  • TBD (for October 2022 exam) 

NCEES Registration CLOSES at 3 PM on:

  • February 24, 2022 (for April 2022 exam)  
  • TBD  (for October 2022 exam)

Register online with NCEEES to reserve your seat for the exam AFTER receiving an eligibility notice from Board. 

Exam Fees
Candidates must register with NCEES to create an account.  

payable to NCEES 

$350 | PE
$500 | Structural
payable to NCEES 

Exam Locations  

Visit NCEES for testing sites.


Questions About Exam Scheduling or Registration?  

Contact NCEES about the process for applying or registering.

Only candidates pre-approved by the Board should contact NCCES.  

Other Questions?  

Final exam results ("pass/fail" only) will be available to candidates through MyNCEES a week to 10 days after taking the exam. 

To obtain an application package or to check on the status of your application, contact the Board office at (804) 367-8506 or