Architect Exam

Architect Exam

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NCARB Architect Registration Examination (ARE 5.0)

Exam Vendor 

Prometric:  (800) 479-6215

Frequency and Dates of Exam 

Contact Prometric:  (800) 479-6215

Deadline for Application 

No application deadline.
Applications are reviewed on a continuous basis.

Exam Fees 

$235 for each division
(6 divisions total)

Exam Locations 

Contact Prometric:  (800) 479-6215

Questions About Exam Scheduling or Registration? 

Only candidates pre-approved by the Board should contact Prometric at (800) 479-6215 or 

Other Questions? 

To obtain an application package or to check on the status of your application, contact the Board office at (804) 367-8506 or